Owning a Zerk Pass will give you access to a full range of Alpha call channels, we work with alpha callers across the globe to ensure there is always someone around in the chat to discuss the best moves in the space.

Zerk will be hosting VC calls on a regular basis discussing the general market and any new projects.

White List Giveaways

We have a full time team working on the backend of the pass scouting new projects to partner with, our partnerships are vetted and interviewed, with any project we feel could deliver value to our community we’ll arrange WL allocation to the Zerk Pass.

These will be in the form of giveaway raffles in the holder channels. We will aim to deliver 30+ WL giveaways per month, this is subject to change depending on the overall market


Custom tools will be something we work towards for pass holders, these tools will eventually be Zerk branded, the community will have a say in what tools are most needed.

We will also be partnering with other popular tools with discounted rates exclusive to Zerk Pass holders

zerk merch

We will have custom merch with exclusive access to the Zerk Pass community


Genesis Collection

This will be a genesis collection, this will mean you have first priority with any projects Zerk works on or releases across the lifetime of the pass. This will include guaranteed WL spots aswell as mod placement for holders looking to push forward with building a career around NFTs.

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Community launch pad

We will be looking for any pass holders that are looking to build and release a project, we’ll provide a full plugin service to help you achieve your goals within the space all the way up to mint. This will be a service that is exclusive to Zerk Pass holders.